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Spica Members Want to Get Loved by Lee Hyori

On February 17, members of girl group Spica appeared as guests on KBS Cool FM’s “Jo Jung Chi and Ha Rim’s 2 O’clock” radio show.

On the show, DJ Jo Jung Chi asked, “I heard Lee Hyori wrote and composed and even produced the new song. I can hear her style in the song. What do you think about it?”

Spica answered, “We’re happy we can give off a similar mood. We have fun performing it live on stage because it’s such a fun song.”

The DJs asked, “Do you have any complaints about Lee Hyori?” to which Jiwon replied, “We don’t have any complaints, but we get jealous. Sometimes, she give more attention to the other girls, so I have days when I want her to pay more attention to me.”

The other Spica members agreed and remarked, “When [Lee Hyori] unnie focuses on something, she gets absorbs in it. For example, she’ll give all of her attention to one of the members during the music video shoot. When it’s my turn to shoot, she disappears.”

One of the girls added, “If I don’t get confirmation from her, it feels like I’m wearing the less prettier clothes or I’m getting loved less.”

DJ Ha Rim asked, “Who gets Lee Hyori’s attention these days?” The Spica members answered, “It’s random. But our maknae, Bohyung, seems to get extra attention these days.”

Meanwhile, Spica demonstrated their singing ability performing “You Don’t Love Me” and “Tonight” on the show. 

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2014-03 Cosmopolitan


[TRANS] That beautiful girl

Hyori tweeted right after Kim Yuna’s performance at Sochi so she’s probably talking about her

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GaIn & Lee Hyori- recording Black & White

Gain Meets Lee Hyori for Her Mini Album Recording

The sexy divas Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain and Lee Hyori linked up to make new music. 

On February 4, Apop Entertainment, Gain’s agency, released the making film for Gain’s new album recording through Naver’s music special, featuring Lee Hyori, who wrote one of the tracks, Black & White

In the released video, Lee Hyori is seen giving her tips and praising Gain for her vocals, while Gain expresses her gratitude for Lee Hyori’s detailed coaching throughout recording.

Meanwhile, Gain’s new mini album Truth or Dare containing Black&White will be released on February 6.

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Lee Hyori Shows That She Knows How To Be a Gentle Daughter-In-Law

On January 31, singer Lee Hyori posted a picture of herself dressed in a pretty hanbok on Twitter, and wrote, “Cosplaying a nice daughter-in-law.” At the end, she also added the popular saying from Gag Concert, “I know the feeling of being a newlywed bride.”

As well as being dressed in a hanbok, she has a apron and doing various house chores such as peeling fruits and washing the dishes.

After being introduced to her now husband Lee Sang Soon by her music artist friend Jung Jae Hyung in 2010, the couple wed last September in Jeju Island. Though they did not start off at the right foot at their first encounter, they met again in July of the same year at Jung Jae Hyung’s concert and started their romance then. Contrary to all other A-list celerbrities who tend to throw huge weddings in lavish manners, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon had a small wedding surrounded just by close friends and family members.

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Lee Hyori Extends Her Lunar New Year Greetings with Selca

Singer Lee Hyori gave her Lunar New Year greetings to fans.

On February 2, she posted on her Twitter a photo with a short message that said, “hello.”

Prior to this post, she tweeted on January 31, “Cosplaying a nice daughter-in-law. I know the feeling of being a newlywed bride,” hinting on her plans for Lunar New Year. After spending the holiday at her in-laws, it seemed Lee Hyori returned home today.

In the photo, she posted displays her unchanging beauty even after her wedding. She flaunts her sharp features, and she also seemed more mature as she smiled gently with a sweet gaze. She looks very feminine in the photo.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori has been enjoying her married life with husband Lee Sang Soon. She tied the knot with the singer and guitarist last September.   

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