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Lee Hyo Ri holds a photo exhibition to help abandoned dogs

Lee Hyo Ri is holding a photo exhibition to help abandoned dogs.

Lee is holding a photo exhibition, titled “Don’t Buy Them. Adopt Them,” at Lotte Gallery from March 2 to 11.

At the exhibition, several pictures of Lee and her pet Soon Shim as models will be exhibited. They are taken by Photographer Hong Jang Hyun, and admission is free.

Lotte Gallery says, “Nearly 100,000 dogs get abandoned each year. All living things should be protected and respected.”

People responded: “Lee Hyo Ri is even holding a photo exhibition for the abandoned dogs? It’s awesome!” “No one can love abandoned dogs as much as Lee Hyo Ri,” “Lee Hyo Ri is awesome! She’s great that she holds a photo exhibition! I envy her pet Soon Shim.”

Source: TV Report

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